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We offer a variety of in-depth, fun courses designed to enhance all aspects of English language learning including Grammar, Creative Writing and Comprehension.


Creative Writing (Primary & Secondary)

Mind-provoking stories, songs, current affairs, selected topics and fun-filled activities are used to stimulate students’ imagination to write creatively through a variety of different formats and styles. 

Students are guided to come up with titles, create characters, develop their vocabulary, metaphors and much more. From first draft to the final editing our teachers will be on hand to guide budding writers.

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Travel Around the World: Creative Writing Course

Join us as we travel around the world with Ming the Minibus! Explore new cultures, visit foreign countries, and learn interesting facts all while developing excellent written English!

Each week we offer inspirational and fun lessons, progress reports and fantastic materials including Ming the Minibus DVDs and worksheets! Help your child develop confidence and superb English. 

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Comprehension (Primary & Secondary)

In this course, students read the passages aloud to build their confidence and improve their pronunciation. Students are guided to read critically and analytically.

This course enables students to improve their reading level. Even students who are reluctant to read respond positively to this structured approach to reading comprehension.

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 Oral Class (all ages)

This oral class aims to introduce students to the methods of oral communication, including everyday conversation, interviewing techniques and forms of public speaking.

In our relaxed and friendly learning centers young children can develop and hone their language and communication skills in a fun and supportive environment. All levels of experience welcome.

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English for the very young (Nursery, K1-K3)

This course proves that young children learn language best in a relaxing, happy environment. Teachers use story books, flash cards, crafts and songs to introduce children to the English language.

On this course the classroom topics and activities offered include story time, show and tell, arts and crafts, rhymes, songs and music and a lots of fun and educational games for little ones!

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English for the very young (18 months+)

We firmly believe that exposing young children confident and friendly native speakers is an essential element to help them become fluent in English without an accent.

It is scientifically established that babies soak up information and language like a sponge. That’s why we recommend our fun-filled, creative courses to you so that your child can get that head start in life.

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Our Centers

Lai Chi Kok
Shop 9, First Floor, Banyan Mall, Lai Chi Kok Road, Lai Chi Kok

Mei Foo
Shop 118, Podium Floor, Stage IV Mei Foo Sun Chuen

Shop G12, G/F, Olympian City 3,
1 Hoi Wang Road, Olympic

Shop 29, G/F, Home World,
Site 12 Whampoa Garden



Lai Chi Kok: 2991-4999
Mei Foo: 2959-6333
Olympic: 2740-4848
Whampoa: 2303-1011