Other Courses

Happy Reading 繽紛故事遊

Happy Reading awakens students’ interest in reading English stories. Our teachers, all native speakers, read the stories in a lively, interactive way. Students do workbook activities for comprehension and to drill vocabulary words. Happy English is an early step in developing good reading habits.

Fun Phonics 趣味拼音班

This course proves that small children can learn phonics while having fun.  Whimsical poems, stories, riddles and songs are used to foster learning.  The learning process is reinforced as the children do written activities in their workbooks.  Soon they begin to connect sounds with letters and pictures and to differentiate between the different sounds. This course gives children basic skills for learning English.


English Literature 文學班


This course introduces students to some of the best loved classic and contemporary authors.  Students are exposed to the rich language and ideas ofVictor Hugo, Charles Dickens, the Brontes, Louisa Alcott and Roald Dahl etc.  The text includes background information about the writers and their worlds.  The workbook activities guide students to analyze the stories, characters and language.  Students are guided to write their own responses to what they have read.  Students taking this course will develop good reading habits which will stay with them for a lifetime.


Presentation Skills溝通與表逹


This is a practical course, since most students will eventually be asked to make some form of oral presentation. Whether it is a debate, an interview, a speech or a presentation, students must be prepared. In this course, they will learn how to structure their presentation and to communicate their message effectively. Students will come to understand the importance of body language, positive facial expression, voice projection and personal appearance. Students will make a number of presentations to gain experience and confidence with the full support of their teacher.

Jolly Phonics
Jolly Phonics courses are now available at English Wise. This well-known English based phonics program has been chosen after careful consideration. Already, there has been a good
response to this program. Enquiries are welcome as new classes continue to open.
創意話劇+ 快樂故事遊
內容 : 參與劇中演出 , 閱讀兒童名著

內容 : 大小肌肉訓練, 趣緻小手工, 主題會話



Summer Courses
- 暑期繽紛之旅

詳細分校課程,請致電查詢。 學生完成全期課程, 可獲發證書。


K1 - K3
穿梭 A to Z

P1 - P3
介紹不同時態 (tenses) 的運用,透過反覆練習,使靈活地應用於日常會話及寫作當中。

P4 - P6