Major Courses

Creative Writing (Primary & Secondary School)

Strategies that Work!

Mind-provoking stories, songs, current aairs, selected topics and fun-lled activities are used to stimulate students’ imagination to write creatively. Students are guided to come up with titles, create characters, develop their vocabulary, metaphors and more for preparing
from rst draft to nal editing.

Classroom topics and activities :

  • Learning techniques of writing (Brain storming/mind mapping)
  • Expanding vocabulary
  • Doing age-appropriate activities
  • Using stories, pictures and music to stimulate writing
  • Incorporating drawing and graphics to illustrate thought
  • Letting our imagination go wild
創意寫作坊 (小學、中學) 課程內容及活動:

課程形式是以故事、音樂、遊戲、 時事題目及其他切合主題的活動, 目的是刺激學生思維。在我們的課 程中,老師會提升學生們的創意。 他們不但學到寫作技巧,同時也加強作文上的文法,增加生字認識和句子結構各方面的技巧。每一位同 學將會創造屬於自己的『作品』,從初稿 、編輯到完成。
  • 寫作技巧 (運用討論, 思想圖)
  • 詞彙提升
  • 適齡活動、遊戲
  • 故事、音樂
  • 繪畫
  • 讓我們的想像力狂野奔放

閱讀理解訓練課程 (小學、中學)



  • 獨立及小組閱讀
  • 語調及發音
  • 理解及文字遊戲
  • 推理技巧
  • 分析課文
  • 文法
(Primary & Secondary School)

In this course, students read the passages aloud to build their condence and improve their pronunciation. They discuss the stories to pull out main points and central ideas. Students are guided to read “critically” and
“analytically”. Workbook exercises test their understanding, allow them to use new vocabulary and correct grammar. This course enables students to improve their reading level. Even students who are reluctant to read respond positively to this structured approach to reading comprehension.

Classroom topics and activities :
  • Individual and group reading
  • Intonation and pronunciation
  • Comprehension and word games
  • Critical reasoning
  • Content analysis
  • Grammar

English for the Very Young (Nursery, K1 – K3)  

小小英語樂 (幼兒園及幼稚園)

課程以寓學習於遊戲,務求學生可 在一個舒適,快樂的環境下參與我們嶄新的課程。


  • 故事時間
  • 展示與介紹
  • 手工
  • 童謠, 歌曲和音樂
  • 趣味和教育性遊戲

This course proves that young children learn language best in a relaxing, happy nvironment. Teachers use story books, ash cards, arts and crafts, songs and games as tools for stimulating students to fall in love with English.

Classroom topics and activities :
  • Story time
  • Show and tell
  • Arts and crafts
  • Rhymes, songs and music
  • Fun and educational games


會話班 (適合任何年齡)

這課程的設計是在建立學生的溝通 技巧。


  • 溝通技巧
  • 日常會話
  • 摸擬面試
  ORAL CLASS (All ages)

This oral class aims to introduce students to the methods of oral communication, including everyday conversation and interviewing techniques.

Classroom topics and activities :
  • Communication skills and techniques
  • Daily conversation
  • Mock interviews

English for the very young – 18 months up

English Wise is committed to the very young. We know that toddlers have an intense fascination with the world around them and are highly sensitive to language acquisition. It is at this crucial stage that parents should enroll their little ones in our programmes where we can mould their child to have a successful bilingual future.

The exposure to native speakers is an essential element to helping the child becoming fluent in English without an accent. It is scientifically established that babies soak up information and language like a sponge. That’s why we strongly recommend our fun-filled, creative courses to you so that your child can get a head start on their path to success.

Please enroll at any of our centres.

  What child developments can you expect from the English Wise course?
  • Self esteem and confidence
  • Intellectual enhancement
  • Social discipline
  • Classroom routine and discipline
  • Circle time training on the carpet
  • Absorbing of good pronunciation and intonation from highly qualified native
    English teachers

What methods do we use to stimulate the very young?

  • Enjoyable educational games
  • Rhymes, Songs and Music
  • Storytelling
  • Show and Tell
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Circle, listening time

Creative Writing with Principal
Ruth Moye (Masters Degree, English Literature)

Since Creative Writing is an art, having the right teacher is essential. At English Wise, we are blessed and honoured to embrace the teachings of Ruth Moye. Ruth is a mature teacher with vast knowledge and ability. She
teaches in a serious, yet lively and entertaining way, often involving multi-sensory methods to stimulate each child’s creativity. In Ruth’s classes, children learn classic literature as well as some more contemporary works. They are often introduced to travel and art. The result is beautiful writings from her students. They remain devoted to her classes for years.