A History of English Wise Learning Center

English Wise’s reputation as an English  language school is well-established. We have been blessed with a strong team of gifted  native English speakers and solid course  materials, suitable for students of all levels. We make it a high priority that students enjoy learning. That explains why students feel  affection and loyalty to their teachers.  In fact, it is our satisfied parents who turn out to be our best promoters as they not only continue to bring us their children but also their friends’ children. Our stunning success has led us to expand to four centers.  
  Our flagship center was opened in Mei Foo in 1998. This school grew out of a small English language group meeting in one of the mothers’ homes. This group of concerned mothers wanted other parents in Mei Foo to have the same privilege as their children to study with native English speakers. When the Mei Foo English Learning Centre opened, the response was overwhelming from the start, and the growth has continued at a steady rate.
Two years later, English Wise launched a  second school in Whampoa. In this  neighborhood, there was an even greater demand for English language courses.  Our programs and our attractive team of native English speakers were just what the parents wanted. Parents lined up to enroll their children, and the lines grew longer as our reputation spread.    
  In 2006, English Wise opened a beautiful center in Banyan Center, Lai Chi Kok. We  promoted the new school through a number of open houses. As a result, we have  continued to attract a steady stream of new students, including a number of outstanding ones. Our Banyan Center has grown with this new community filled with young families.
The learning center is a place where children feel at home as they develop their individual potential. When students call us “aunty,” “grandma,” and “lovely teachers,” we feel  fortunate to be at Banyan.
Our most recent center to open is Olympian City. This center opened in the autumn of 2009. From its beginning, it has had a certain buzz.  We have introduced several state of the art programs while polishing up our traditional programs. If a visitor looks around the Olympian City Center, they will see that a lot is going on. Behind all the colourful graphics, there is a real effort to adapt to individual needs and to tailor classes to fit each individual.  

This has been a quick look at how English Wise began as a small group of children studying in a mother’s living room and  blossomed into the four lively schools we have today. Please know we are “a work in progress,” but expect to read exciting new chapters in the each newsletter.